Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll

Before we begin, let me clarify the title of this post. I’m currently taking the last class of my college career via summer school; it’s Health. At this stage of education, that no longer means that I’m learning the scientific name for peeing. We recently finished the drugs unit (MDMA has nothing to do with basketball? Oh.) and now we’re on the sex unit. I haven’t had to leave the room this many times since my nano pet died during STAR testing in 5th grade. Anyway, that takes care of 1 and 2… and the ‘rock & roll’ refers to a little fact I like to call “I just learned to play Coldplay’s Clocks on the piano.” A beautiful reckless summer it’s been so far.

Whenever I put off blogging for this long, it becomes such an enormous task to cover everything that has happened that I usually end up blacking out. When I come to, I find a little post all nicely typed up about finger puppets or princesses and I usually just shrug, quickly stop my iTunes from blasting Mariah Carey’s Christmas album because blacked out me always thinks that’s inspirational, and click POST. That might be happening now, I suspect, since more and more lines of letters keep appearing and as far as I can tell, I’m not doing anything.

Anyway, here’s the breaking news:

- We just bought an inflatable pool so we can boil water on the stove and make a Living Room Jacuzzi.

- In August I’m going on tour with Voxhaul Broadcast and Robbers on High Street for a month and a half. We’re going all over America, so watch for me at a merch table near you. And if you see a creepy baby blue van on fire on the side of any road, please tell my parents I love them and fling my journals into the ocean.

- Two days ago I had cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Right now I’m licking Diet Cool Whip off a spoon.

The fast lane is calling, later people.

^Vagrant Records backdoor

^my room

^This is our roommate Dave telling us about a dream he had where he was a pancake and couldn’t fit through any doors, among other problems.