Thursday, June 10, 2010


I hit 10,000 views today and have decided to let everyone in on the celebration via a contest a la real blogs.


At some point in the next 25 minutes, I will change the name of my blog to FEDORA WORLD for exactly 10 minutes. If you bear witness to this chunk of herstory (I am extremely feminist because it's in), post a comment containing your email address along with a quick description of a funny story from when you had braces. Don't worry, comments are private so only I will see them. If you never had braces you can't win. You also can't win if you're within 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon because in my personal opinion, he looks like a killer. The first 350 people who qualify will receive an email from me with a link to an online coupon I found that lets you get into Soak City for $17.95. It expired in 2007 but just do some clever things with a ballpoint pen and thank me later.

Anyway, I've been drowning in good times up here. It's been a never-ending ball since the day I moved in. Shows and after parties and new friends, oh my. Also a lot of windows optimistically rolled down in gridlocked traffic and food that consequently tastes the way Jiffy Lube smells. But anyway, we had a party the other night and I gave my number to TWO DIFFERENT GIRLS!!!!! Lord knows that's a tough trick to pull in this selfish reproduction-centric society of bitches. But I've got to spread myself like butter over this city's social dance floor because every once in awhile (like now) the friends that I live with clear out like peeps at my 8th grade birthday party. I live with a handful of guys who are in the band Local Natives (watch their Blogotheque takeaway show, it's sooo cool) and they've been home on a break from the road since I moved in... but they just left to tour in Europe for a few weeks. Another roommate is in Voxhaul Broadcast... and they just left for San Francisco. Carly is down in SD working, Adam is usually waterskiing, and Shane just got a questionable part in Vampire Assassins, which might be a movie, but is more likely a trap. So at present I am home alone, and the spirit realm has sassily chosen today to reveal that our house is haunted. Shit keeps falling off of other shit. I'm also afraid of the dark, old carpeting, kitchens, and heights (our room is on the second floor), so these next couple of nights could get pretty grim.

All things considered though, I've never felt so on-the-edge-of-something-great in my whole life. So here's to that! Talk soon.

-Lil Miss Preying M