Monday, February 9, 2009

Going Carless: Not only is it mandatory... it's chic and trendy.

The rumors are true. You can't have a car your freshman year (unless you are willing to get 5 parking tickets totaling $250 and then spend your weekends scraping gum and RVCA bumper stickers off of campus signs/seating while parking your green van in the neighborhood next to school and climbing a fence every time you want to access it.)... but who cares. It's a challenge and it's 'green' and there are plenty of better things to do with your time than drive to the myriad fantastic locations i mentioned in my previous post (sorry). Moral of the story? Pay your dues and shut up. Just kidding. Here are a few of the better things:

1. Make music videos with your mature college friends.
Here I give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Apartment 48A's upcoming Alanis Morissette Featurette (No pun intended. And what I mean by 'pun' is the fact that 'Morissette' rhymes with 'Featurette'... so really what I mean is 'No pun in the first place'). We are still in the production stages and have almost no valid footage, so I can assure you with absolute certaintly that the final product might be released within the next 48 months.

Note: This is without a doubt the worst video editing I have ever done. If you are a future employer and I listed this website on my resume, please turn a blind eye. Also (no matter who you are) please disregard "Kids Party!" at the beginning... I really couldn't tell you how that even happened...

2. Take secret video footage of aforementioned mature college friends doing dumb things and then become YouTube celebrity.
A little flat at the end, but other than that I can't complain

3. Ride your bike to faraway places.
A la exotic Downtown San Diego...

4. Um...

5. Climb the School Library

6. Do hood rat stuff
i.e. Write this: "Speaker Broken. Please Speak Very Loudly" on the back of an In-N-Out placemat and then use tape or gum to stick it on the ordering microphone. Hide in bushes and enjoy.

7. Form a band
More importantly, photoshop your Band Photos so you look more like rock stars who are too cool to be real. Or in Kelsey's case... so you look more like a samurai wearing a tuxedo.

8. And last but not least... Hang out with your friends. (smile and wink)

Until we meet again,
and forever Yours,