Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it's the right night for the wrong company

Last night I crammed all my belongings, a fistful of 20’s, and a plastic camping mattress into my sassy little Cutlass Supreme (I wish. My Mazda is uninspired.) and bottomed out of my San Diego driveway. I winked at my dad in the rearview mirror, scowled a bit to keep up my punk rock image, and peeled out into the night blasting Violent Femmes and holding the wheel at exactly 12 o’clock with exactly 1 hand. The sunglasses felt really relevent at the time, but retrospective reflection has since shed some light on the danger there. I left at 11:13 and didn’t look back until I rolled up to my new house in LA at 1:00 in the morning. Carly and I stayed up until 4 listening to records, moving our sleeping bags around on the floor, and peering through the blinds as our new roommates stumbled out of cars, onto the front porch, and into our hearts. I love it here. More on them and this and that to come.

Alright, I previously mentioned that we are fast approaching Extreme Blog Makeover. Since I’m no longer doing a loop of the world, the title Kristen vs. Earth feels a bit rich. More like Kristen vs. The Pile of Clothes In The Backseat of Her Car: Because She Knows She Left A Snickers Back There. Yet each challenge is noble in its own right, and so I persevere. Anyway, here is the short list of candidates for the updated blog’s title:

  • Kristen’s Blog
  • Blog by Kristen
  • Kristen: A Blog
  • Kristen: The Blog
  • “ (the blog formerly known as Prince)
  • Sorry for Partying
  • Blogging Molly
  • My blog ate my homework
  • Oh I have a bachelor’s degree
  • My blog ate my resume, job apps, work ethic, and drive to succeed
  • Cyndi Lauper is literally perfect
  • Bro ho 4 Jesus
  • I h8 the Holocaust
  • The Fartorialist (I am so sorry)
  • F33L1NG5
  • Virgin Mary II: The Prologue
  • The Official Team LC Blog
  • Live, Laugh, Club
  • Why does my hair look like a bee hive every day
  • This laptop is burning my stomach
  • All I want to do is eat and go to waterparks
  • I have a surfboard and a Blackberry, why can't I get a boyfriend
  • We’re looking at the same moon
  • hAiR n mAkEuP tIpZ
  • Silverlake: The Real Jersey Shore
  • Wait, are we groupies?
  • Oh my gosh you got an 8.6 on Pitchfork, congratulations. What are you guys doing after this?
  • Id rather be making my own venison jerky!
  • Deutsche Bags R Us: Your Source for German Handbags

Still brainstorming and openly accepting suggestions.

Well I've got to fly because we're going to see some bands on Sunset with the guys in our house in a few minutes, and at the moment I'm wearing combat boots and a nightgown while Carly looks like Jon-Benet Ramsey. Gotta compete. Until we meet again!

-Marilyn Mantis