Thursday, March 4, 2010

Point Loma Fashion Week Day 2010

Today's Fashion News: The number of people who told me that my shirt was see-through today is so high that I think it might count as a sin. Going to pick up my solar panel paycheck...Coworker: "Kristen... you wore a see through shirt to the office." So what if I did, Brad. Anyway, the second most notable bit of fashion news is that I fell asleep on a sequined pillow earlier (not as glam as it sounds, but still notably glam) and woke to find my face so deeply and exquisitely dotted that I had to miss class. We're talking like maybe a nine on a scale of one to Na'vi Princess.

Without further ado,

For those of you just tuning in: I'm a fashion merchandising major, so for me Point Loma's annual fashion show is akin to Easter for Jesus. This year they held it on top of the library and "it was sick." -my dad

In a bizarre twist of fate and productivity, I ended up making enough clothes to avoid shattering the moral codes of 9 whole models. Dresses and skirts and little hats for all - a Marxist utopia for the Forever 21 set. It was such a great night and even though we weren't necessarily batting 100 in the area of remaining vertical on the runway (I'm not naming Kelsey Ogdens, I mean names), I wouldn't have changed one thing. There was an art show, a DJ, a chocolate strawberry fountain, and a French guy saying things like "Don't wear a fedora to church" over the loudspeaker... best night ever.

Photo credit: Tracy Le

Au revoir!