Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Everyone! Mainly Me Though.


I turned 21. It's the end of an era... life as a pre-teen is officially OFFICIALLY over. No more acting offended when waiters refuse to bring me the '12 and under' chicken fingers. The proverbial 'they' dragged me kicking and screaming into adulthood though, and I still managed to proverbially punch them in their faces by having a bounce house at my birthday party.

Case in point.

But anyway I had a whole weekend of festivities in addition to The Afternoon Delight, including but not limited to: a trip to Santa Monica Pier and the original Hot Dog on a Stick , a night of hijinx and hurting people at Disneyland, a secret midnight kidnapping of myself (not by myself) complete with midnight bonfire dance circle (less creepy than it sounds, but still significantly creepy), and dinners and movies and smiles and butterflies, yada yada yada. ALSO, my parents graciously gifted me a new iHome to replace my old one because I taped it to the front of my bicycle and then left the whole musi-cycle-morph sitting in the bike rack during a torrential rain storm. So I obviously earned and deserved a new one. Responsibility yields results, my friends.

Anyway, here is evidence that everything I've told you is true:

(I took the liberty here of protecting the identity of the unnamed girl in the front seat. I took an additional liberty in protecting the identity of her double chin)

Your Sister in Christ,
Krizz 10 Reformation

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Point Loma Fashion Week (Day)


Point Loma recently held its second annual Fashion Show. The cafeteria was transformed into a Bryant Park tent, complete with runway, and I was transformed into a crazy hunchbacked seamstress, complete with renegade threads stuck to the back of my neck. Sneaky strings of Hades. But after many hours bent over the sewing machine screaming "i hate you" at fabric, bobbins, and anyone that came around, I finally finished my line and the show went off without a hitch.

Most people who took part in the show borrowed clothing from boutiques and put together outfits. There were three of us, however, who actually designed and constructed our own lines. Mine had 6 pieces, which my friends/models worked on the runway. It was shockingly legitimate and there was even an after party with waiters carrying trays of smoothies (smoothies are the mark of legitimacy). Here's a backstage look into the glamourous lives of Manhattan's Elite (Gossip Girl reference which doesn't apply here):

And here is my line: