Monday, January 26, 2009

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(insert dumb joke re: a growth spurt, human stretching machine, or similar)


One great thing about PLNU is its proximity to everything. Disneyland is an hour and a half, Mexico is approx. 3o seconds (by jet), and SeaWorld is walking distance (I walked there once and it took over an hour, but still). So on Sunday Kelsey and I took a day trip up to LA to shop at a vintage/antiques flea market and get lunch and obsessively stare at anyone who looked like they could vaguely be John Stamos.

I can safely say we spent 40% of our day missing freeway junctions. And another 30% driving the wrong direction on the 805. 'South' and 'North' have very little in common, come to find out. And the rest of our time we dedicated to almost getting in huge car accidents and then cackle-laughing like Satan while simultaneously yelling at each other and then taking the blame for things the other one of us did. Kelsey barely escaped driving through someone's open car door (complete with car door owner) on Melrose Ave and then I apologized because I had been loosening my belt instead of preventing it. Then later I devised a clever plan to save time by switching lanes in the middle of an intersection, while turning left, without looking over my shoulder. I'll just say... you win some, yes, but you definitely lose some. Like in this case.

Here are some pictures from our outing:

We bought this antique mini table for 6 bucks. Then we carried it all over LA and even had lunch with it. "Table for 3 please"

Believe it or not, I was actually attempting to take a self-pic of myself, and then dropped the camera and ended up with this. Miracles are real.

8 seconds into the autotimer I panicked and last minutedly re-situated the table, strategically placing it directly on Kelsey's foot before assuming my adorable pose. If you could see her eyes you would see extreme rage.

Let's take a closer look...

hmm, roger that.


Friday, January 16, 2009

a Second helping of Semester

Sorry I just tricked you into thinking those 4 pictures are of/in San Diego. They're of a distinctly more Washingtony persuasion. Tracy and I visited our friends from Point Loma, Joe (boss) and Peter (a joke), in Seattle for 5 days over winter break (we get 3 weeks off) and it was ridicu-fun. But I'll save those tales for another day. Or for another never.

But for now the kids of Lomaland Drive have returned. School is back in session and this season of KFPL promises more drama than ever before. New chances at love, new secrets revealed, new cafeteria options, and hopefully new undercover pictures of Bob Brower/other faculty members. Stay tuned right here at whatever time I choose to post (central). Anyway.... having completed most of my general education requirements, I get to take mainly Fashion classes now. Fashion Design, History of Costume, Fashion Buying, Apparel in Human Behavior and Culture, and Textile Science. A schedule that any self-respecting man would die to not have. But I'm pretty excited about it.

Since we're still getting into the swing of things around here, I don't have too much to report YET. We are in a heat wave, though, I'll have you know. It's 82 degrees right now in the middle of January and therefore I'm going to the beach and I refuse to sit here with you for even one more second. However, here are a few videos to hold you over til next time:

Point Loma Fall 08: A Taste

Here we have a summary video of last semester, set to the only song my video editing program didn't reject (Weed Party by Band of Horses (dont do drugs though)). Livin the dream.

'Heart it Races' Music Video

There is very little to do in my hometown besides eat at different restaurants in quick succession, so Emily and I made a music video. We are not rookies at this. Two summers ago we debuted a professional-grade music video for Hanson's This Time Around on youtube, and let me just say that it was very well received. I don't want to brag, but we're undeniable internet celebreties. StarlaBubbles, if you're out there: we love you too.

Unfortunately two months ago Hanson got wind of this phenomenon and forceably took it off the internet by referencing a handy little scam they like to call "copyright infringement"... whatever. Moral of the story: We're back. Alternate ending: Bite me Isaac.

(song in the video: "Heart it Races"... its an Architecture in Helsinki song, covered by Dr. Dog)